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Safety Shoes Testing machine have special function for shoes quality control

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The safety footwear industry requires specialized testing equipment to ensure that safety footwear products meet the required safety standards and provide adequate protection for workers.

There are various international safety standards that safety footwear must comply with, such as ASTM F2413, EN ISO 20345, and CSA Z195. These standards specify the minimum performance requirements for safety footwear in terms of impact resistance, compression resistance, and other safety features.


To test safety footwear products against these standards, Great Win Instrument use specialized testing equipment, including impact testers, compression testers, and puncture testers. These testing equipment measure various physical properties of safety footwear, such as impact resistance, compression resistance, electrical resistance, and slip resistance.

In addition to ensuring that safety footwear meets safety standards, testing equipment is also important for quality control and product development. By testing safety footwear during the development and manufacturing processes, we can identify potential issues and improve the performance and durability of their products.

Totally, testing equipment is a crucial part of the safety footwear industry, helping to ensure that safety footwear products provide the necessary protection and meet the required safety standards.

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